Alyse (alyse) wrote in eclectia,

Shibby, Shibby, Shake by mako

Shibby, Shibby, Shake

Fandom: Dude, Where's My Car
Genre: Slash, humour
Pairing: Jesse/Chester
Rating: R for sexual situations

Synopsis: Jesse and Chester are sucky boyfriends. Or are they?

Review: Duuuuuude. Sweet and funny little D,WMC fic. What can I say? It has the sweet and silly humour of the film and the voices are so well captured that I can hear them, and picture them, in my head. As munchkinott said, "Now THAT'S what I call 'D,WMC fic'! *beams*" Some choice little snippets:

The entire night was spent together, and between pudding, the shibby and the sex, it was as perfect as any night might have been. Still, Jesse couldn't get over his nagging sense of guilt. "Man," he breathed. "We are sucky boyfriends.

So warm and smooth and ... "Sweet," Jesse moaned against his mouth.

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