Alyse (alyse) wrote in eclectia,

Birdsong by Sophia Prester

Sophia Prester

Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Genre: Gen
Characters: Grissom, Sara, Nick
Rating: PG

Synopsis: One day, maybe he'd find the words to explain himself in a way that would make sense not just to him but to Sara as well

Grissom muses on the reasons he recommended Nick rather than Sara for the promotion to Lead CSI. Spoilers for Season 4.

Review: At last a gen fic that recognises Nick's strengths, and at last a fic with Grissom and Sara undertones that doesn't make the recommendation of Nick all about Sara. You have no idea how desperate I have been for a story along these lines.

I love way that the author approaches this thorny issue, capturing Grissom's inability to say what needs to be said and Sara's inability to let go and move on, while Nick does what Nick does best - gets on with doing his job in spite of everything going on and in spite of Grissom's kneejerk irritation. The story has its weaknesses - for example the prose is slightly clunky in places and there's some unnecessary repetition of ideas - but Grissom's unreasonable irritation at Nick simply doing his job, because the irritation has nothing to do with Nick, is in keeping with canon and yet rarely explored in fic, and the last couple of sentences perfectly sum up the whole messy situation. Those alone make the story worth a read.
Tags: csi, gen

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