December 31st, 2002


Dark Star By Jill

Dark Star
By Jill

Fandom: CI5: The New Professionals
Genre: Adult Gen
Pairing: Some het (Keel/OFC)
Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: When the son of prominent Australian Matthew Sherwood is murdered, Chris Keel is assigned a simple undercover task as CI5 attempt to find the young man's sadistic killers. Nothing, however, is ever that simple.

Review: I could take this as an opportunity to promote the old first-fandom. *g* But I won't. Dark Star is an unbelievable read. One of the true New Pros fan fic classics.
Everything in this story embodies the spirit of the show, how it COULD have been.

All of the regular characters are well written, the action is well executed - at times both horrifyingly brutal and deeply psychological. Dark Star is truly one of those stories you read once and go 'Damn! Why didn't they make this into an episode??', read it twice and you're drawing up a petition to get it filmed now!

Everything about this story is completely spellbinding. Richly visual prose with disturbing undercurrents and overlays which leave you begging for more. The author's original characters are also well rounded and realistic. With the inclusion of an OFC (providing the essential love-interest), don't even think for a second you're into mary-sue territory. As with all of the other characters she's humanly flawed, extremely well written contributes much to both the plot and lacking New Pros season canon.

The story doesn't make for a little light reading. It's a shocker. It's Chris-crunching, H/C at it's best. Serious gen with big ugly teeth. I highly rate it and recommend it. Not just to people starting out in the New Pros fandom but to all-round action series fiends.

If only all gen fic was this good...