March 12th, 2004

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  • alyse

Not Alone by helsinkibaby

Not Alone

Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Genre: Gen, with some slight shippy undertones
Pairing: Sara, Greg, mostly friendship
Rating: PG

Synopsis: Set post Play With Fire and Inside the Box, Greg and Sara share a moment.

Review: This is a nice character introspection, and I could hear both Sara and Greg talking while I was reading it, showing that the voices are spot on. It's a very quiet, non-flashy and reflective piece but it's a joy because of that. There's no great drama, and the angst underlies the surface rather than smothering the exchanges, and we see sides of Sara and Greg that we don't glimpse often enough on the show - Sara's underlying humanity and insecurity, Greg's serious side. But even examining those aspects, the characterisation doesn't slip.

It can easily be read as gen, with what shippiness implied being no more than Greg's canon interest in Sara but it's lovely to see Sara opening up to someone, something she does too infrequently on the show and usually to someone who isn't paying that much attention.