May 29th, 2004


Objects in Motion, by Alyse

Objects in Motion

Fandom: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Genre: Het/Slash
Pairing: Cath/Nick/Warrick
Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: "It's Warrick who gets to possess Nick in a way that she never could, but it's Nick she wants to possess."

Review: I have literally, just-this-second finished reading this story and might not recover for a good few days. This one's a goodie and no mistaking it. The author, Alyse, has a fantastic handle on word play. Her stories aren't so much visceral scenes of love and lust but stunning dances between the two. This really is writing at it's best, there are novelists who'll be crying on their publishers' shoulders that they could write like this.

It's not the fact the author has her characterisations of Catherine, Warrick and Nick so vividly spot on that you'd believe this was a missing scene from the series (the 1/4 episode left on the cutting room floor), or that this is certainly the finest threesome fan fic I've ever read that makes this story so good. It's the dreamlike quality of the narrative, the words flow through your mind like expensive chocolate sauce. It's quality to the core and sweet to the last drop without making you sick.

Just staggeringly beautiful. It'll leave you reeling.

If you're a fan of CSI - whatever your fic genre preference - you'll love this story. If you're not, read it anyway - it'll make you a fan.

ETA: Link to story edited 20/06/04.