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Lost and Found by Karen

Lost and Found

Fandom: Jurassic Park III
Genre: Slash, angst, first person reflection
Pairing: Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
Rating: PG13

Synopsis: Billy's thoughts, and regrets, during the events of the film.

Review: First person narrative is such a difficult format to pull off well but Karen handles it with panache. While Billy's internal monologue does jump all over the place, it's not distracting and it works precisely because it jumps all over the place. That's exactly how someone in shock would react, and jumpy as it may be it builds on the theme of Billy's guilt and grief and worry for Alan in a most satisfying manner. And most of all, it captures his wish to die and die quickly rather than stretch his torment out any longer.

I'm so cold... But that won't be what I die from. Something will come along and eat me. It's just a matter of time. Or maybe I'll bleed to death first. I think I'd rather that. It would hurt a lot less. And be more dignified than dying of hunger or infection. But I won't do that. Nothing just dies here. Something finds you first.

Dino burger... No. For dinos. Billy burger. Dino Chow... Suddenly I'm giggling, and then it turns into coughing. And it hurts. Oh, god, it hurts. I'm cold and it hurts and I'm so scared...

It packs a punch and fleshes out Billy's character in a way that the film didn't, and yet still manages to make the background given to him fit in with the hints we do get in the movie - the thrill seeking, the extreme sports, the obvious love he has both for his chosen field (palaeontology) and for his mentor, his impulsiveness and his courage.

Now, if only she would write more than this one story. Yes, I'm greedy.
Tags: jpiii, slash

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