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Eclectic recommendations from a variety of fandoms - fics, vids, manips, websites and anything else that catches our fancy. Stargate SG1 fic recommendations, however, are recorded in our sister recs journal, jamficrecs.

If you're looking for a particular fandom or resource, the entries are organised in this way through the memories of the community.

As is always the case the recs in this journal are a matter of personal taste, and that taste may well change according to the phase of the moon or the scarcity of the pairing in question. You don't need to agree with us - hell, we often don't agree with each other - but we have a right to our opinions, and to share them, just as you have a right to disagree.

Fandoms will vary as we dip our toes in and out of various pools, and depending on what rocks our particular world at that particular time. We do not, however, read or rec RPS. That's a matter of personal taste too and consequently is not open to discussion.